PXT Select
Gain Valuable Insights for Confident Hiring

Through PXT Select, we offer a comprehensive assessment solution that helps organisations make confident and informed hiring decisions. Our PXT Select assessment is an online, multiple-choice assessment designed to measure candidates' cognitive abilities, behavioural traits, and interests. By providing a holistic view of candidates' potential and fit within your organisation, PXT Select empowers you to hire with confidence and build high-performing teams.

Understanding the PXT Select Assessment

The PXT Select assessment evaluates candidates across three key areas:

Cognitive Abilities: This section measures an individual's cognitive aptitude, including their problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and learning potential. It provides insights into how well candidates can grasp new concepts, adapt to new situations, and analyse information.

Behavioural Traits: The behavioural assessment component assesses various personality traits, including communication style, work preferences, and behavioural characteristics. It helps you understand how candidates are likely to interact with others, approach tasks, and contribute to your organisation's culture.

Interests: The interests section explores candidates' preferences and motivations in specific occupational areas. It provides valuable insights into their potential job satisfaction, career aspirations, and alignment with your organisation's roles and responsibilities.

Unlocking the Power of Sample Reports:

To help you better understand the insights provided by the PXT Select assessment, we offer downloadable sample reports. These reports showcase the depth and richness of the assessment results, providing a glimpse into the valuable information you can gain about candidates.

In our sample reports, you will find:

Cognitive Abilities Results: Discover how candidates performed in different cognitive areas and their potential for critical thinking, problem-solving, and learning.

Behavioural Traits Analysis: Gain insights into candidates' behavioural tendencies, communication styles, and work preferences, helping you assess their fit within your team and organisation.

Interests Profile: Understand candidates' areas of interest and how they align with specific occupational areas, helping you identify roles that may resonate with their motivations and aspirations.

We encourage you to explore the sample reports to get a firsthand experience of the valuable insights provided by the PXT Select assessment. These reports serve as a preview of the comprehensive assessment results that will empower your hiring decisions and enhance your talent acquisition process.