Everything DiSC Assessments
Unlock the Power of Understanding Human Behavior

Through Wiley's Everything DiSC, we provide a range of assessments designed to enhance self-awareness, improve communication, and foster stronger relationships in the workplace. Our Everything DiSC assessments are rooted in over 40 years of research and combine adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to deliver precise insights into human behaviour.

Understanding the Everything DiSC Assessment

Everything DiSC offers a variety of assessments tailored to different needs, including workplace interactions, team dynamics, leadership development, and sales effectiveness. Each assessment provides individuals with valuable insights into their own behavioural preferences and tendencies, as well as strategies for understanding and interacting with others more effectively.

With the Everything DiSC assessment, individuals gain a deep understanding of their behavioural style across four primary dimensions:

Dominance (D): This dimension focuses on assertiveness, confidence, and a results-oriented approach. Individuals who score high in Dominance tend to be direct, decisive, and comfortable taking charge.

Influence (i): The Influence dimension explores sociability, enthusiasm, and persuasive abilities. Individuals who score high in Influence are often outgoing, optimistic, and skilled at building relationships.

Steadiness (S): Steadiness emphasises collaboration, patience, and a preference for stable environments. Individuals with high scores in Steadiness are typically calm, supportive, and reliable team players.

Conscientiousness (C): The Conscientiousness dimension focuses on accuracy, precision, and a detail-oriented approach. Individuals who score high in Conscientiousness are often analytical, systematic, and focused on quality.

Unlocking the Power of Sample Reports:

To provide you with a glimpse of the valuable insights offered by Everything DiSC assessments, we offer downloadable sample reports. These reports showcase the richness of information provided to individuals, helping them understand their behavioural style and explore strategies for adapting their communication and interactions.

In our sample reports, you will find:

Personalised Profile: The personalised profile highlights an individual's DiSC style, providing an overview of their behavioural tendencies, strengths, and challenges.

Interaction Strategies: The report offers practical strategies for individuals to adapt their communication style to effectively interact with others who may have different DiSC styles.

Comparison Reports: Comparison reports provide a side-by-side comparison of two individuals' DiSC styles, helping them understand potential areas of synergy and areas that may require adaptation.

We invite you to download the sample reports to experience the valuable insights provided by Everything DiSC assessments. These reports serve as a preview of the comprehensive assessment results that empower individuals to improve communication, build stronger relationships, and thrive in their professional endeavours.