Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI)
Shaping Culture Change & Leadership

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) is a powerful tool designed to assess and transform organisational culture. By understanding the current culture and identifying the desired culture, leaders can effectively drive culture change and enhance leadership effectiveness within their organisations.

Understanding the OCAI

The OCAI provides valuable insights into organisational culture by assessing key dimensions and identifying the dominant cultural traits within the organisation. It helps leaders and teams gain a comprehensive understanding of their organisation's culture, enabling them to align their actions and strategies with the desired cultural values.

Driving Culture Change: Culture change is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the current culture and a clear vision of the desired culture. The OCAI enables organisations to navigate this change by providing a roadmap for cultural transformation. By identifying the gaps between the current and desired culture, leaders can develop targeted interventions and initiatives to shift the organisational culture towards the desired state.

Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness: Leadership plays a critical role in shaping and sustaining organisational culture. The OCAI helps leaders assess their leadership styles and behaviours in relation to the organisation's cultural dimensions. By understanding their own leadership strengths and areas for development, leaders can adapt their approaches to better align with the desired culture and effectively lead culture change efforts.

Unlocking the Power of Sample Reports:

To provide organisations with a preview of the insights and value offered by the OCAI, we offer downloadable sample reports. These reports showcase the assessment results and provide a deeper understanding of the organisation's cultural dimensions.

The sample reports include:

OCAI Enterprise Example Report: This report provides a comprehensive overview of the organisational culture assessment, highlighting the key dimensions, the dominant cultural traits, and the gap between the current and desired culture. It offers valuable insights for leaders and teams to drive culture change initiatives.

We invite you to download the sample report to experience the depth of information and insights provided by the organisational Culture Assessment Instrument. This report serves as a starting point for organisations seeking to understand and transform their culture, fostering a positive and aligned work environment.