The Five Behaviors Assessments
Unleash Team Dynamics and Personal Growth

Wiley's Five Behaviors assessments are designed to transform teams and foster personal development by uncovering key insights into individual behaviours and team dynamics. These assessments provide a powerful framework for improving collaboration, communication, and overall team effectiveness.

Unleashing the Power of Team Development

The Five Behaviors Team Development assessment is an invaluable tool for teams seeking to enhance their performance and achieve greater cohesion. This assessment helps teams understand their strengths and areas for improvement across five key behaviours:

Trust: Establishing trust is the foundation for effective teamwork. The assessment explores team members' willingness to be vulnerable and rely on one another.

Conflict: Constructive conflict is essential for innovation and growth. The assessment examines how team members handle disagreements and engage in healthy, productive discussions.

Commitment: Commitment is about achieving alignment and buy-in. The assessment evaluates team members' level of engagement, accountability, and dedication to team goals.

Accountability: : High-performing teams hold themselves accountable for their actions and outcomes. The assessment assesses team members' willingness to confront issues and take responsibility.

Results: Ultimately, teams strive for collective results. The assessment measures team members' focus on outcomes, their drive for excellence, and their ability to prioritise team success over individual recognition.

By gaining insights into these five behaviours, teams can identify areas of strength and areas that require development. This awareness serves as a springboard for targeted action plans, enabling teams to improve collaboration, trust, and overall performance.

Empowering Personal Growth:

In addition to team development, Wiley's Five Behaviors assessments offer a Personal Development Profile that focuses on individual growth. This assessment helps individuals understand their behavioural tendencies and provides strategies for enhancing their personal effectiveness.

The Five Behaviors Personal Development Profile explores the same five behaviours mentioned earlier, but from an individual perspective. It provides individuals with actionable insights into their own strengths, blind spots, and areas for growth. Armed with this knowledge, individuals can make intentional changes to improve their communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.

Unlocking the Power of Sample Reports:

To provide a glimpse of the valuable insights offered by the Five Behaviors assessments, we offer downloadable sample reports. These reports showcase the depth of information provided to teams and individuals, helping them understand their behavioural dynamics and navigate the path to growth and success.

In our sample reports, you will find:

Team Progress Report: The Team Progress Report highlights how team behaviours have evolved over time, providing a visual representation of the team's journey and identifying areas of improvement.

Personal Development Profile: The Personal Development Profile offers an individualised report that delves into an individual's behavioural tendencies, providing guidance on maximising strengths and addressing development areas.

We invite you to download the sample reports to experience the valuable insights provided by the Five Behaviors assessments. These reports serve as a preview of the comprehensive assessment results that empower teams and individuals to unleash their full potential.