Cialdini Institute
Master the Science of Influence

Our workshops are designed to empower individuals, teams, and organisations with the knowledge and skills to persuade more successfully in a wide array of business disciplines. Licensed by the Cialdini Institute, our programs are based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert Cialdini, a renowned expert in the field of persuasion and influence.

Target Market

    Individuals seeking to become more effective communicators and influencers, enhancing personal relationships, professional growth, and overall life satisfaction.

    Teams looking to enhance team dynamics and performance by teaching members to effectively communicate and influence others.

    Organisations aiming to structurally improve results in a wide array of business disciplines through the application of the science of influence.

Workshop Objectives

Persuade more successfully by learning a repeatable blueprint for successful persuasion.

Structurally improving results in a wide array of business disciplines like sales, marketing, leadership, and other business efforts.

Obtain a deep understanding of the science of persuasion and learn about proven processes, activators, and amplifiers of each principle.

Workshop Offerings

We offer a range of workshops tailored to meet your specific needs::

Ethical Influence Practitioner

This program is the only official online Cialdini program and is entirely based on Dr. Cialdini's work. It provides participants with a repeatable blueprint for successful persuasion, enabling them to become more effective communicators and influencers.

Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch & Learn sessions provide a convenient and interactive way to introduce the principles of persuasion during your lunch break. Participants will gain valuable insights into the science of influence and learn practical techniques for applying them ethically.


Join our Mastermind sessions to dive deeper into the principles of persuasion. Collaborate with like-minded individuals and explore advanced strategies for implementing the science of influence in various business contexts.

Influence Audit

Our Influence Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your organisation's current practices and strategies related to persuasion and influence. Through this audit, we identify areas of improvement and provide tailored recommendations to enhance your results.